Sports Performance Training

I offer personalized sport performance training for athletes of all sports and age groups. This begins with a thorough biomechanical assessment of how your body moves and functions. With the information gained during the assessment a detailed exercise program is prescribed and delivered tailored to your individual sport’s needs to help maximize performance and minimize injury risk.

Young and seasoned athletes alike engage in power lifting exercises (i.e. cleans, front/back squats, etc…) or trendy exercise programs during the off season for training and strengthening that have little or no carry over to their individual sport. In addition, these exercises require a great deal of body awareness/control, core and central stability, and a good understanding of biomechanics and proper form to get the benefits that the exercises offer. Although many of these resistance training exercises listed above have their place and are necessary for many athletes, it is absolutely imperative that these building blocks have been put in place to prevent training injuries. What we frequently find when we address an individual’s “weak links” observed from our assessment, is that pain and dysfunction resolve and sport performance improves.

Most of our sports performance training programs are individualized and vary greatly, however, two of our most common sports performance programs are: • ACL injury risk and prevention • Overhead Athlete Development (Baseball / Softball / Tennis)

If you are interested in working with me for sport’s performance training or you have any other questions, contact me.